A Brief of Green Realtors

Green Realtors is one of the eminent Real Estate firms situated in Chikmagalur, Karnataka that provides simplified and efficient Real Estate Solutions across State. Our company was established with a motive to provide secure and economical property related solutions to clients. To acquire our goals, we have extensively researched the property market. Therefore, we have designed a useful Real Estate catalogue for our clients, from which they can choose the most appropriate property as per their requirements. We strive to provide the most proficient services to our clients to fulfill all their expectations. We have alliance with some of the renowned builders and developers that allows us to get the latest property updates on time. Under the guidance of the owner, we have managed to excel in the following domains:

  • Property Buying and Selling
  • Property Renting
  • Paying Guest Services
  • Property Lease Services
  • Architectural Services (3D Modeling, Map Designing, Civil Engineering)
  • Construction Services (Flats, Farmhouses, Apartments, Commercial shops, Warehouses, and many more)
  • Property Documentation and Registration
  • Heritage/Ancient Villas in Karnataka
  • Agricultural Property/Residential Property in Karnataka
  • Interior Decoration Services

Why Green Realtors?

This is the biggest question in your mind. You are always exposed to the sites that deal with property buying and selling throughout India, then why to choose us for the purpose? Here are the reasons that will pacify your need and will also answer you why choose us, leaving all others:

  • First of all, we are the company that is working only in your city and nowhere else. Hence, if you are looking for localized support about real estate in chikmagalur, there is none who comes in comparison to us.
  •  Since we are working locally at your city, you will find the details of the properties and the variety that you will get with us is surely immense, rigorous and in detail, which you can never expect from a site that is located to some point and listing your property in their portal.
  • Third thing is that there are no portals that will assist you in the negotiation part while you will be buying or selling a property. But since we are very much of your city, we, although not directly and officially, but will definitely support you in the negotiation and will move out the unnecessary hassle, if you have to face that.
  • There is no property for sale in chikmagalur that are already sold or in lieu. We personally take care of the same and also makes sure that the property that is listed at our site is not having a dispute in them, regarding coparcener or other aspects. We do verify the details personally, before allowing the ad to be put up at our site.
  • You can be definite about the fact that the property value that has been stated for each of the properties that have been listed at our site is verified and evaluated recently.
  • There are no intermediate fees or hidden fees that you will be going through and the most important thing is that while you deal through our site, there is absolutely no need to be exclaimed about any brokers, as you will be dealing with the property by yourself and the hassles – we take care of that.
  • Finally speaking we are the only company in your city to enlist the properties of your city alone and more than other things, at our site, you will not only get the properties for your residence. You will be able to find the 30×40 site sale in chikmagalur or Coffee estate for sale in chikmagalur too.

Hence, you can understand that we are not like the other site owners who will be only showing the properties and will be disclosing that w is not responsible for anything – buying and selling is all your responsibility. We are just the opposite and we take the responsibility for your buying and selling and that makes us so much a trusted name in your city.

What People Say About Us

One of the best in this sector!! Has a wide range of knowledge and links!! Easily trusted and is very friendly! If you want a property then green realtors are the best one to trust upon!!
Ajay Vastrad
Professional, responsive and timely replies with transparency and the necessary details as requested. As one would never buy a property "online" you do have to visit in person, however the details afforded to you provides a good indication of whether or not a trip is warranted
MJ Patil
Very Good website for searching lands near Chikmagalur, Hassan, Coorg , Sakleshpur, Sringeri, Balehonnur, Koppa and Shimoga. They have created the content so well we don't have to visit the place from here only we can see through facebook this is one of the biggest advantage.. only for selected land we can visit in this approach.. else we have to visit everytime to see the land.. this is one tedious Job they have cut short.. And all the properties they are showing are worth investing in their respective budgets.
Lakshmisagar M
The best real estate agents ever worked with. They are very professional and even support long after the deal. They develop relationship rather than just one sale. I have purchased one property from them. And for any other requirement I don't look anywhere else I just ping them. One of the best people out there
Nikhil Kenchappanavar
Lot of property options available.. very fair, transparent and trusted people. Manuteja responded on time 24/7.. hats off to his patience.. at the end I am a happy customer with 100% satisfaction
Great people and genuine. Must go and I strongly recommend them. They show only required properties and don’t lure people unlike others. Very trustworthy! Thanks team..
Nisha Varma