What we Offer

As a quality real estate business corporation, we at Green Realtors offer our customers with the oppurtunity to purchase lands, farm houses and also quality homes constructed with all the aesthetics.

We Have One Goal

To ProvideThe Highest Quality
Real Estate Services.

Our mission is to continue to be one of the best residential real estate consultants in State. Our mission is to help the buyer / renter / investor, to guide him to the right property of his own choice, within his affordable budget – comparatively reasonably priced in the given market.

To be the best, we will serve our customers and clients by delivering on our commitments made before, during and after every transaction.

We understand it takes time, dedication, and efficiency to manage and maintain a rental property. With over 20 years of combined experience in all aspects of residential real estate, we have developed robust systems and infrastructure to successfully operate in this niche rental market.

We currently manage a large portfolio of single family homes and apartments of a wide variety throughout the Karnataka state. Our proven solutions will minimize risk and vacancy loss for all types of rental properties including distressed properties, foreclosures, or previously occupied homes, making us a leading provider of third party property management services for the rental property owner or investor.


Our Terms & Conditions

Coming to the conditions we put on the clients of us (both buyer and seller), we are the most unique one. We state our clients that be honest in uploading the houses and the properties and also provide proof of your ownership of the property. We do take care of each of the properties even after that. We do check and verify the property, the disputes that are related to that and also the valuation of the same, before finalizing the ad to be put up on the site page.

This makes us the most trusted site in Chikmagalur and to the buyers and sellers of the property in the city. Another thing we put up on the buyers and sellers that they would be making their negations without our interpretation in the matter. We are just the website that will be showing you the properties and will be aiding your buying procedure. We will be verifying the property and the valuation of them, but at no condition, we will act as the influencer for the clients as well as for the buyers.

All the data that has been put up at the site are evaluated through the help and interpretation of chikmagalur development authority sites and hence their values are according to the authority only. We are also the aider of new houses for sale in chikmagalur and individual house for sale in chikmagalur but in those cases, we are just the show caser of the properties as they are managed and syndicated by the realtors on their own. We own no responsibility in the actions and the property management or insurance of the same, by any law enforcement.